Kefir and Sugar – A Perfect Match?


Kefir is a fermented health drink that is based on bacterial strains found in kefir grains. If the term is new to you, kefir is like yogurt — sour, milk-based and filled with probiotics. But it’s a crime not to know kefir over yogurt since the former is much more nutritious and beneficial than the latter. While yogurt has one or two beneficial probiotic strains that cleanse your gut, kefir has ten; that’s 500% more! Also, the probiotics in kefir repopulate in your digestive tract. This means they keep growing, cleaning and protecting you from the inside.

According to Dr. Joe Mercola, an expert in alternative medicine and nutrition, kefir does way beyond what yogurt can do. Kefir grains populate your intestinal system to make sure bad bacteria could not get in. Also, kefir has good yeasts (fungi) in addition to the probiotic bacterial strains.

The bacterial culture in kefir has one distinct characteristic — they love sugar. They have a sweet tooth and can’t get enough of the lactose (milk sugar) in your milk or sugar in sugar water. It is this appetite for sugar that makes kefir beneficial for you. As kefir grains ferment your drink and munch on the lactose, they create a healthy drink that’s perfect for diabetes patients, people with high cholesterol or hypertension, weight watchers, and lactose intolerant. [Read more...]

Kefir Grains – Growing New Ones and Caring for the Old

If you are to benefit from kefir you should understand how kefir grains behave. Know where to get real kefir grains, why you should take good care of them, how to handle them, and how to make new grains.

Kefir grains are living substances that are made up of probiotics, which are friendly yeast and bacteria. These helpful microorganisms exist in symbiosis within an environment of proteins, lipids and sugars. The term “bacteria” should not concern you since the world is made up of bacteria, among other tiny, tiny living creatures. The question is which bacteria do you have more of, good ones or bad ones?

The probiotics in kefir grains are not only good bacteria; they also make sure no bad bacteria can ever get near them and so they kill those harmful microscopic pests. Simply put, kefir grains are home to trillions of good, friendly and helpful microscopic “soldiers” that will flush your intestines clean from harmful bacteria and repopulate to make sure only the good guys exist in your digestive system.

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